ULTIMATE BH4 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – Clash of Clans

ULTIMATE BH4 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link - COC

ULTIMATE BH4 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link - COC

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE BH4 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 4 available. This Builder Hall 6 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH6 best coc base, continue reading this post.


Hey guys, dark barbarian here, today I have this epic builder hall 4 base for you guys, this is my first time doing a Builder hall 4 base on this channel, hopefully, you guys will like it, coming back to the base, it won me so many trophies to the point where I stopped matching with builder hall 4s and I was usually matched with builder hall 5s and 6s, so the number of trophies you can reach with this base will also depend upon your troops level and your attacking skills, anyways, I’m going to do an in-depth breakdown of this base in the base analysis part of the video, so you can understand how this base actually works, see you guys after the speed build.

let’s do the base analysis

first of all, the builder hall is kept well protected in the center of the base because we don’t wanna give away our 2nd star that easily.

both the firecrackers and air bombs are kept at a distance from each other, because those who use baby dragons like to take out both of them together, by placing them at a distance, we’re making it harder for opponents to use baby dragons on our base, as even if one gets taken out the other one is still there to protect our base, and they are placed in such a way that the whole base gets covered in their range and no side is left weaker to air attacks.

cannons and double cannon is placed in a way that their range covers a huge portion of the base and they help in making the upper part of the base stronger.

archer towers are placed in well-protected spots from where their range covers the whole base, so no side is left weak to any kinds of attacks.

the guard post is placed near the crusher to prevent opponents from easily sniping our crusher using archers.

now coming to the traps placement, this perhaps is the main feature of the base, I’ve used this base in more than 30 battles to determine the best possible traps placement according to this base design, what I found was that most people used giants on this base but they didn’t drop their giants right here close to the crusher because crusher is the biggest threat to enemy giants, so they deployed their giants to either of these two spots, and after the giants, they deploy their cleanup troop, it could be cannon carts or archers with the plan that those cleanup troops would eliminate our crusher before destroys their giants, but what they don’t realize is the kind of outer buildings we’ve placed there, the clock tower and gold storage has a great number of hit points so it takes a while to destroy them that giants have already reached the crusher and getting crushed by crusher before the cleanup troops destroy those outer buildings.

moving forward some of the clean up troops gets thrown to the crusher using a push trap, now comes the boss feature of the base which won me so many battles, after destroying those side buildings opponent clean up troops move towards the other side buildings, on their way to the other buildings, they trigger our mega-mine and boom, all the cleanup troops are gone.

if the opponent’s attack from the upper part of the base, then we’ve placed our spring traps there in optimal spots according to the pathing of giants, that they are highly likely to step on them.

overall the trap placements are really good on this base.

I guess that’s pretty much it for the base analysis.


  1. Centered and well-protected Builder hall
  2. Perfect Traps placements
  3. Cannons keep the upper part of the base protected.
  4. Air Bomb and fire cracker placed away from each other.
  5. Defensive buildings are evenly placed
  6. Archer Tower’s range cover the whole base.


If you want to copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.

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