BEST Ultimate BH4 TROPHY[defense] Base 2021!! Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC


If you’re looking for the BEST Ultimate BH4 TROPHY[defense] Base 2021!! Builder Hall 4 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 4 available. This Builder Hall 6 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH6 best coc base, continue reading this post.


what’s up guys, dark here, today we are making a new builder hall 4 base, I used this base in the multiplayer battles and easily crossed over 1800 trophies mark, I’m sure it’ll help you too just make sure your attacking skills are good enough to get 1 star + against opponent’s layouts. I’ve tried this base in so many battles, and it usually got less than 1 starred, to know more about how this base works, make sure you watch the base analysis part of the post, there I do a detailed breakdown of the base, you can understand why I’ve placed certain buildings on certain spots.

let’s do the base analysis

the main feature of the base is these openings, these opening force opponents troops to go where we want them to go, for example, if opponents drop their giants over there, they won’t be going for the wall as per opponent’s instead they will walk on the predetermined path we’ve set for them, they will first trigger the spring then some of them will get pushed to the crusher, these traps placements will help us in decreasing the troops count opponents have which is already low considering they are on builder hall 4, we’ve done this on the other side as well, plus this push trap here, all these push traps are leading opponents troops to our crusher, which will destroy enemy troops in no time.

now moving forward,

as you can see the builder hall is well protected in the center of the base guarded by all our defenses, this is the basic feature of every builder hall base I make because we don’t want opponents to steal our 2nd star that easily.

next to the builder hall is placed our crusher, if you’re making a big open base, like this one, it is much better to place the crusher in the core of the base rather than placing it in a secluded corner, when you place the crusher in a corner, the opponent can start the attack from the opposite site and takeout a huge portion from that side without ever having to worry about crusher, but when we place the crusher in the core, the opponents will eventually have to face the crusher no matter what side they start attacking from.

firecrackers and air bombs are the two most important defenses we’ve to stop air attacks like mass minion and mass baby dragons, hence opponents who like to use those strategies like taking out both of them as soon as possible, this is why I’ve placed them at a distance from each other, so that even if one gets taken out, the other is still survives to protect our base from those air troops, and both of them are placed in such a way that their range covers pretty much all the important stuff we have on our base.

these cannons act as a wall for our builder hall by taking out opponents that try to enter our base through this part of the base.

the guard post is placed there to stop enemy archers from chipping away our defenses from that side.

coming to traps placements, I’ve already discussed why those spring traps and push traps are placed in those openings, the rest of the traps like mines and mega-mine is placed appropriately according to the requirements in the base, for example:- those two mines are placed next to the crusher to finish off the half damaged troops by a crusher or to take out raged barbarians before they try to overpower our crusher.

and that mega-mine is placed there to stop raged barbarians from breaching the wall from that part of the base.


  1. Centered and well-protected Builder hall
  2. Perfect Traps placements according to troops pathing
  3. Cannons keeps the lower part of the base protected.
  4. Air Bomb and fire cracker placed away from each other.
  5. Defensive buildings are evenly placed
  6. Archer Tower’s range cover the whole base.
  7. Deadly Crusher placement in the core of the base.


If you want to copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.

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