THE BEST ULTIMATE BH7 TROPHY [defense] Base 2022 Builder Hall 7 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC


If you’re looking for THE BEST ULTIMATE BH7 TROPHY [defense] Base 2022 Builder Hall 7 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 7 available on YouTube. This Builder Hall 7 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH7 best coc base, continue reading this post.


Hey what’s up guys I’m dark barbarian, and today I’m back with a Builder hall 7 base, I haven’t done one of these for a long time, this base has been tried and tested against all popular attack strategies available at BH7 so I can definitely recommend this base to you, I will discuss all the placements of this one by one in base analysis part below.

Let’s do the Base Analysis!

As you can see the builder hall is well protected in the center of the base guarded by all our defenses, this is the basic feature of every builder hall base I make because we don’t want opponents to steal our 2nd star that easily.

The main feature of the base is these openings, which force opponents’ troops to go where we want them to go. For example, if opponents drop their giants over there, they will not head for the wall as opponents planned, but would instead walk on the predefined path we’ve set for them. In this way troops trigger these spring traps and mega mine, These trap placements will aid us in reducing the number of troops our opponents have.

These two cannons outside the base are not a bad thing; they have really helped me win defenses by disrupting attackers’ funnels since opponents’ giants will go for cannons because they are the closest defense they can get to, this causes opponents to panic as the troops aren’t going we they wanted them to go, so don’t think of these cannons being outside as a bad thing.

At BH 7, multi mortar and giant cannon are two of the most important defenses, thus we have positioned them in separate compartments and apart from each other.

The multi mortar fires four shots at a time to maximize the chance of hitting its target, and its range covers a huge area of the base, covering almost all defenses except these cannons.

On the other hand, the range of a giant cannon covers the remaining buildings that we’re left out by multi mortar, multi-mortar strengthens the right region of the base while giant cannon takes care of them left, so they combine pretty well to create an overall solid defense.

To defend against night witch attacks, the air bomb is combined with multi mortar. multi mortar is a major threat to night witches, while air bomb is a major threat to her bats, so when both these buildings are placed together they become a hard counter to mass Night witch attack.

Archer towers, air bomb and firecrackers are the defences that can stop air troops like minions and baby dragons, most air attackers prefer to take them out as soon as possible using giants, so that they can clear the rest of the base using minions. This is why I’ve kept them apart from one another, to avoid all of them being taken down together, and so that even if one is destroyed, the others can still defend against the minions. we have placed two of the firecrackers right in the core that provides solid air defense coverage for pretty much the entirety of the base.

We have two crushers at bh7 and both crushers are placed at a distance to avoid them being taken out all at once. However, placing them at a distance but on the same side allows the opponent to easily avoid the crushers by simply attacking from the opposite side, which is why in our base they’re also placed at two different sides, which means opponents will have to face them regardless of where they begin their attack.

Now coming to the trap’s placement, I’ve placed these traps after observing opponent’s troops pathing on this base against multiple strategies, so opponent’s troops are most likely to trigger them while attacking our base.

Push traps direct troops away from the base, preventing the enemy’s troops from overpowering our defenders all at once and allowing our defences more time to respond.

To strengthen our base against air attacking armies, we have set all mines to air mode and placed them in different compartments according to the opponent’s troops pathing on this base.

Similarly, spring traps are placed in spots where opponent’s troops are more likely to step on them, most people using ground armies like taking out multi mortar and crushers first, hence spring traps are placed there to take out giants in their path before they can reach our defenses, which helps in making this base stronger against ground attacks.

Coming to the outer buildings, they are smartly placed at a distance from one another to ruin opponents funnel, and you can see how we’ve placed high hitpoint buildings like laboratory, clocktower and storages in front of our defenses, so the opponents will have to put extra effort to reach our defenses.

That’s it for the Base Analysis

I’ve left a copy link for this base down below, unless you want to copy it manually, that’s pretty much it for this post, I’ll see you guys in the next one.


  1. Centered and well-protected Builder hall
  2. Lethal openings to force opponents troops to go where we want them to go
  3. Two cannons outside the base helps disrupting attackers’ funnels
  4. Ideal traps placement
  5. Defensive buildings are evenly placed
  6. Beast Against Ground & Air Attacks
  7. Archer towers and fire crackers covers the whole base against air attacks 
  8. Crushers placed away from one another.


Copy Base

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