THE ULTIMATE BH9 TROPHY [defense] Base 2022 Builder Hall 9 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC


If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE BH9 TROPHY [defense] Base 2022 Builder Hall 9 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 9 available on YouTube. This Builder Hall 9 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH9 best coc base, continue reading this post.


what’s up guys, dark here, today we are making a new builder hall 9 base, I used this base in multiplayer battles and easily crossed over 5000 trophies mark without even trying, so I’m sure you can do much better than that

Let’s do the Base Analysis!

The builder hall is well defended in the middle of the base, shielded by all of our defences; this is a key characteristic of any builder hall base I create since we don’t want opponents stealing our second star so easily.

now coming to the defenses, they are placed in such a way that they cover the whole base and the base remains strong from all the sides.

Our primary defences at BH9 are the multimortar, crusher, air bombs, roaster, lava launcher, and mega tesla.

First, let us discuss multi mortar. When combined with other defences, it becomes the greatest threat to opposing troops, such as when combined with air bombs, it becomes the greatest threat to opposing night witches, as multi mortar is a major threat to night witchs, whereas air bomb is a major threat to her bats. When combined with crushers, it becomes the greatest threat to opponents’ giants and barbarians. With giants and barbarians, it is nearly impossible to take out both the crushers and multi mortar. So we put these buildings in such a way that they don’t get taken down altogether.

The lava launcher is put in this compartment, from here it covers the whole base except the first 10 tiles. It can wipe out opponents’ troops with its splash damage ability and the pronloged increasing damage it deals to the troops walking into its fire region, making it more damaging to barbarians, archers, and cannon carts.

The mega tesla and roaster are positioned in the centre of the base, and their range covers the other defences. Both defences deal massive damage, which is sufficient to deal with most opponents’ troops such as barbarians, archers, giants, beta minions, baby dragons, and cannon carts, and some others.

cannons and double cannons are placed in a way that their range covers the whole basee and they help in making the lower part of the base stronger.

archer towers are placed in such a way they cover pretty much the whole base and pairing them with those firecrackers that also covers the whole base, make this base an absolute beast against air attacks, I’ll add some air attacking replays, in the end, to show you this base absolutely destroys air attacks.

the guard post is placed close to the crusher, so that troops from the guard post can distract the opponent’s battle machine while it’s being targeted by our crusher

now coming to the traps placement, I’ve placed these traps after observing opponents troops pathing on this base against multiple strategies, so opponent’s troops are most likely to trigger them while attacking our base.

Mines and mega mines are put here to defend our builder hall because most opponents want to take out the builder hall first, therefore our mines and mega mines deal a lot of damage to them.
spring traps are strategically placed in different compartments according to the pathing of defense attacking troops like hog glider and boxer giants, which helps in making this base stronger against ground attacks.
some of the push traps push troops away from the base, so all opponent’s troops don’t overpower our defenses at once and our defenses get some additional time to react.

coming to the outer buildings, they are smartly placed at a distance from one another to ruin opponents funnel, and you can see how we’ve placed high hitpoint buildings like laboratory, clocktower and storages in front of our main defenses, so the opponents will have to put extra effort to reach our defenses.

That’s it for the Base Analysis

Now you guys can easily copy this as I’ve left a copy link for this base down below unless you want to copy it manually, that’s pretty much it for this post, I’ll see you guys in the next one.


  1. BuilderHall in well-protected in the center of the base
  2. Closed well protected compact base
  3. Multi Mortar and Air Bomb placed well protected close to each other
  4. Spring traps placed next to defenses
  5. Archer towers and fire crackers covers the whole base against air attacks 
  6. Crushers placed at a distance from one another.
  7. Traps placements optimally done.
  8. Fire crackers covers the whole base.


Copy Base

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