The BEST BH6 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 6 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC


If you’re looking for the The BEST BH6 TROPHY [defense] Base 2021 Builder Hall 6 Trophy Base Design with Copy Link – COC then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 6 available on YouTube with over 150k+ views on YouTube. This Builder Hall 6 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH6 best coc base, continue reading this post.


hey guys, dark here, today I have this really good builder hall 6 base for you, I’m pretty sure, this base paired up with good attacking skills will do wonders.

let’s do the base analysis

first of all, let’s see how this base actually works

we’ve created 3 openings in this base, one in the south, and the other two in east and west, and then there is a central core compartment that keeps most of our main defenses.

we’ve created these openings so that opponent’s troops can go where we want them to go, while our main defenses in the core will be dealing lethal damage to those enemy troops.

let’s talk about these two openings first, these openings make sure any defense attacking troop deployed in the upper region will have to go through these two spots, you can see no matter where we drop our giants in this region, they will always go for those openings to take out our cannons, while going for that cannon they’ll be getting damaged by our defenses like cannons, multi mortar and archer tower, after destroying cannon those giants won’t go for the crusher, instead, they will go for the air bomb, because we’ve left one wall open there, due to which, our crusher will pretty much kill all the giants while they are focused on our air bomb. now you may be wondering what if some uses bomber to take out walls, well that’s a specific case, and most attackers will only realize that they require bombers in their army after deploying their giants, and even if they use bombers we have other measures on our base that care of the attack. if opening use troops clean up troops to support their giants, then we’ve have placed some high hitpoints buildings like clock tower and star laboratory to buy some time for our defenses to take them out.

moving to the opening in the bottom, whatever we discussed in those upper openings, everything can be applied here as well, like where ever you place you giants in the lower region, they will always go the opening, while going for the opening they’ll trigger a bunch of spring traps which will lower enemies troops count, and our defenses in the core will doing heavy damage to them. opponents troops will go for the main core compartment only after they’ve taken out all the stuff in those outer compartments.

so you can see how we’ve managed to keep our core compartment well secured by making opponent’s troops go where we want them to go, while our main defenses in the core are doing their work.

so that was the main feature of the base which helps us in saving that second star, and that wasn’t the only good thing about the base, the defensive placements we’ve done is also quite thoughtful.

let’s take a look at them,

air attacks like mass night witch, mass minions, and mass baby dragons are quite prevalent at builder hall 6, so the placement of air attacking defenses is done in such a way that they cover the whole base and no side is left weaker to air attacks.

you can see how archer towers are arranged in a way that they cover a major portion of the base, which keeps the air attacking troops in check especially from the southern part because of that one archer tower on speed mode and the roaster in the core, but don’t worry the upper part of the base isn’t neglected, we’ve have placed our firecrackers and air bomb is there to make sure our upper part of the base is as strong as the southern part, overall you can see how the base fully covered against the air attacks and at the end I’ll attach some replays to prove how this base works against air attacks.

for ground attacks, two normal cannons are placed in the upper part, and two double cannons are placed in the southern part of the base, and our one of the most important defense multi mortar is placed well-protected in the core from where its range pretty much covers the whole base, and one of the crushers is placed inside the core compartment as well in case opponent try to barge into the base using raged barbarians.

so overall, this base is very effective against ground attacks as well.

now coming to traps placement, we’ve placed most of our traps in these openings that we’ve created, so opponents troops like giants will have to walk through these traps before they can reach defenses in the core,

some of the push traps push troops away from the base, so all opponent’s troops don’t overpower our defenses at once and our defenses get some additional time to react.

the placement of these mega mines are crucial as placing them on optimal spots can literally win you so many matches, I’ve placed those mega mines outside the base next to our cannons, because most troops like cannon carts, archers, and night witches tend to go move around the outer peripheral of the base while taking out our outer trash buildings, so we’ve used this opportunity to take them all of them out using a mega-mine, and this worked wonderfully well, a lot of attacks ended up being less than 40% because a major portion of opponents army got destroyed by mega mines, so that placement of mega-mine is a really good feature of the base.

and that’s pretty much it for the base analysis.

now you guys can see replays to see how this base actually works, I’ve left a copy link for this base in the card in the right corner of the video, and in the description and the first pinned comment, you can copy this base through any of those links, unless you want to copy it manually, that’s pretty much it for this video, I’ll see you guys in the next one.


  1. Builder hall well protected in the center
  2. 3 Deadly openings that will leave enemies in eternal confusion
  3. One crusher in the core to protect against mass barbs
  4. Fire Crackers and Air bomb covers the whole base.
  5. Perfect trap placements according to the openings we have created
  6. Defensive placements are evenly done.
  7. Beast Against both Ground & Air Attacks
  8. Mid compartment is quite safe as opponents will have to take out out stuff before they can get in 


If you want to copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.

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