ULTIMATE BEST TH13 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2021 | Town Hall 13 (TH13) Hybrid Base Design – Clash of Clans

ULTIMATE BEST TH13 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2021 | Town Hall 13 (TH13) Hybrid Base Design - Clash of Clans

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE BEST TH13 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2021 | Town Hall 13 (TH13) Hybrid Base Design – Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 13 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 13 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this TH13 best coc base, continue reading this post.


Hey what’s up guys dark barbarian here, today we are making a new town hall 13 hybrid base, this is the town hall 13 adaptation of the base with openings leading to traps, I’ve already done TH11 and TH12 version of this base, you guys really liked them so they got really popular, so I’m doing the TH13 version in case someone wants to continue using the same design, this base has many features which makes it so good for farming, I will discuss them one by one in the base analysis part of the post and also clear your doubts regarding this base,

let’s do the base analysis.

First of all, let’s discuss the main feature of this base, these openings leading to the core of the base, yep, that’s the main feature of this base, most people might think of that as a problem, but in this base it is done intentionally, we want opponents troops to avoid all these defenses and go straight to the core, this acts just like those troll bases where there is a space left for the troops to be deployed, and some noobs end up deploying their whole army there and thinking they found a flaw in the base, but in reality, it was just a huge trap, because at this point, those troops are being targeted by defenses from all the sides, that is too much to be handled. In regular attacks, the attacks goes in such way that they take out all the defenses in the path, and then move forward but in case of this base, the closest building after taking out those initial buildings is this one, which leads troops the core of the base, while all the defenses are targeting opponents troops, those traps in the way also do lethal damage to the troops, just like that trap base, opponents troops are in the middle of nowhere and all the defenses attacking them is clearly not a good sign for the attacker. these openings worked pretty well for me and I’m planning to use this feature on other bases too in the future.

the town hall is well protected in the center of the base, as we want to save that one star and the loot in it, as much as possible.

now coming to the defenses, they are placed in such a way that they cover the whole base and the base remains strong from all the sides.

Mortars are placed towards the outer compartments of the base because we want them to protect us against spam attacks like BARCH and mass goblins, but they not only protect the outer buildings of the base, they are placed in such a way that they pretty much cover the whole base except the core, which is not really required to be covered by the mortar as most low hitpoint spam troops won’t be able to reach there.

the scattershot are placed right in the core of the base, so they can cover our most important defenses in their range and give them the protection they require.

the eagle artillery is placed right in the core of the base and guarded by all the Xbows, air defenses, inferno towers, and traps, so it’s really well protected.

archer towers are placed in such a way, they pretty much cover the whole base, so no side is left weaker to air attacks.

the wizard towers are spread out, so that they don’t get taken out altogether while providing a balance to the base.

Inferno towers are placed near the center of the base making the core of the base stronger, and guarding our most important stuff on this base, like X-bows, town hall, wizard towers, dark elixir storage, and air defenses.
you have to set the inferno tower mode according to the armies you’re getting attacked with, if you’re getting attacked with lower hitpoint but higher troop count armies, like miners, bowlers, and witches, then you should set it on multiple mode but if you’re getting attacked with high hitpoint troops like electro dragons, pekkas and golem, then setting it on single-mode would be a better option.

At default, I’ve set them on single-mode as electro dragon attacks are quite prevalent at higher town halls.

Air defenses are placed away from one another in different compartments to protect them from being taken out by lightning spells in a group. they are placed in compartments near the core of the base,

Those Air sweepers helps in stopping lava loons, mass dragons, and mass Electro dragons.

the Xbows are spread out in such a way they provide cover to pretty much the whole base, they are set on both ground and air, as I was getting attacked by both ground and air troops.

cannons are placed outside the base, its no big deal they aren’t that important at town hall 13 anyway, instead, they can sometimes help us by attracting defensive attacking troops like golems to themselves which kinda ruins attackers plan, and those cannons also help in providing protection to those outer buildings, so placing those cannons isn’t really a bad thing.

now let’s take a look at the storage placement, we have spread them out in different compartments, so that opponents can’t take them out all at once.

the dark elixir storage is placed in a compartment near the core surrounded by all kinds of defenses, so it’s quite well protected.

Now coming to trap placements, traps are optimally placed according to the pathing of the troops, I’ve already explained how those openings lead opponent’s troops to these traps.

now coming to the outer buildings, you can place them according to your choice, if you are an active player, you can spread those outer buildings little bit away from the walls to make the funnel trickier just like we’ve done on this base, as you’ll be collecting resources from them timely, so you won’t have to worry about people stealing loot from your collectors using spam attacks, but if you’re someone who plays like every 2-3 days, you might wanna keep them closer to the walls, to protect the loot collected in your collector from being stolen by spam attacks.

and that’s pretty much it for the base analysis,

you guys already know how much of a difference having defensive clan castle troops can make, so make sure you have something in your clan castle before signing off, now to copy this base simply, go to the link i’ve down below, I’ll see ya’ll in the next one.


Using clan castle troops for defending your base is highly recommended as they can put the attacker in trouble by distracting them. Even though the base alone is sufficient to stop most of the attacks used by Town Hall 13 attackers, using the clan castle can help a lot. At Town Hall 13 you can get Maximum of 45 housing space in your clan castle, here are some of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at Town Hall 13 :-

  1. 1 Lava Hound + 1 Head Hunter + 9 Archers (Recommended)
  2. 1 Lava Hound + 2 Head Hunter + 3 Goblins
  3. 2 Super Minnion + 2 Head Hunter + 3 Archers
  4. 1 Inferno Dragon + 2 Head Hunter + 7 Archers
  5. 1 Lava Hound + 1 Ice Golem

Since most people can’t get these troops from their clans, you can also use other troop combinations which are easily available like all wizards, all balloons or any other troop combination but i highly recommend you to have above mentioned troops for best defensive experience at Town Hall 13.


  1. Troops pathing manipulation to walk them over traps 
  2. Air Defenses placed in well protected compartments
  3. Alot of compartments helps in slowing down troops.
  4. Eagle Artillery well protected in core compartment
  5. Wizard Towers in different compartments away from one another.
  6. Scattershots well protected in core
  7. Inferno towers placed in the core of the base
  8. X-bows covers the whole base
  9. Archer Towers in each corner of the base.


If you want to copy this base just click on the Copy Base Button, it will redirect you, from where you can easily copy this base design.

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