NEW ULTIMATE BH5 ANTI GIANT TROPHY[defense] Base 2020 Builder Hall 5 Trophy Base Design – Clash of Clans

Builder Hall 5 (BH5) base layout 2020 coc

Builder Hall 5 (BH5) base layout 2020 coc

If you’re looking for the NEW ULTIMATE BH5 ANTI GIANT TROPHY[defense] Base 2020 Builder Hall 5 Trophy Base Design – Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place. This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Builder Hall 5 available on YouTube. This Builder Hall 5 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing. To know more about this BH5 best coc base, continue reading this post.


first of all the builder hall is well protected in the center of the base, surrounded by a compartment of walls.

Builder Hall 5 Trophy Base layout 2020 coc

one of the main features of this base is, that we’ve left a gap of two tiles between the walls and defenses, because of this gap, opponent’s troops will run towards the sides and go for the outer trash buildings because they’ll be the closest building they can reach to, and while opponent’s troops will be attacking our outer trash buildings our defenses will be dealing great damage to them.

one thing that I noticed is that people who use ground attacking strategies, like to take out multi mortar and crusher as soon as possible because they are the greatest threat to barbarians and giants, so instead on placing both of them on the same side, I’ve put them away from each other so that if one of them gets taken out the other one survives.

that cannon that’s placed outside the base is not a bad thing, it has actually helped me in winning defenses by ruining attackers funnel as opponents giants will go after it as its the closest defense they can get to, so don’t think of this cannon being placed outside as a bad thing.

both the archer towers are placed optimally in such a way they cover pretty much the whole base,.

if we look at the range of our defenses that can defend against air troops, you’ll notice that pretty much the whole base is covered, so no side is left weaker to air attacks.

the guard post is placed close to the crusher, so that troops from the guard post can distract the opponent’s battle machine while it’s being targeted by our crusher

now coming to the traps placement, I’ve placed these traps after observing opponents troops pathing on this base against multiple strategies, so opponent’s troops are most likely to trigger them while attacking our base.

I think, that’s pretty much it for the base analysis

let’s head to replays

I hope you guys find this base useful, and don’t forget to let me know in the comment if you’d like more builder hall bases like this or not, I’ve left a copy link for this base in the description and the first pinned comment, see you guys in the next one.


  1. Centered and well-protected Builder hall
  2. Crusher well protected
  3. Fire Crackers are well protected
  4. Perfect traps placement
  5. Defensive buildings are evenly placed
  6. Beast Against Ground & Air Attacks
  7. Archer towers and fire crackers covers the whole base against air attacks 


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